• Especialista em atendimento ao cliente TeleTech Brasil

    Debora explica como é trabalhar na TeleTech Brasil.
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  • TeleTech Brasil

    Mariana explica como é trabalhar na TeleTech Brasil.
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  • TeleTech Testimonial - Why I love working for TeleTech

    www.TeleTechJobs.com • www.TeleTech.com Current employee at TeleTech discusses career advancement opportunities. Join TeleTech for our locations in the USA, ...
    Duração : 01:57 minutos

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  • TeleTech Customer Experience

    Back in the old days customers looked forward to interacting with the companies they did business with. Then something changed. Corporate processes and syste...
    Duração : 02:37 minutos

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  • RevanaOVER

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  • Happy 1st Bday

    The 1st anniversary of the TeleTechPilipinas Facebook page is celebrated with a year in pics... Be sure to tag your friends. Happy anniversary www.Facebook.c...
    Duração : 02:33 minutos

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  • TeleTech - Hit Us With Your Best Shot

    Rules on posting your pictures to our Facebook Site Incorporating the TeleTech Logo.
    Duração : 01:05 minutos

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  • Kids at University Prep... "TeleTech You Are Helping Me Climb the Mountain to College"

    In response to this year's Spirit of the Season event, the staff and students at U Prep, a Denver public charter school, created a Thank You video. Rather th...
    Duração : 04:35 minutos

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  • Welcome to TeleTech República class 71!!

    Enthusiasm and friendship are showed by Class 71 in their training. This is the feeling of being part of TeleTech!!! For more information, please visit www.T...
    Duração : 00:21 segundos

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