• Especialista em atendimento ao cliente TeleTech Brasil

    Debora explica como é trabalhar na TeleTech Brasil.
    Duração : 01:08 minutos

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  • TeleTech Brasil

    Mariana explica como é trabalhar na TeleTech Brasil.
    Duração : 00:36 segundos

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  • TeleTech Testimonial - Why I love working for TeleTech

    www.TeleTechJobs.com • www.TeleTech.com Current employee at TeleTech discusses career advancement opportunities. Join TeleTech for our locations in the USA, ...
    Duração : 01:57 minutos

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  • TeleTech Customer Experience

    Back in the old days customers looked forward to interacting with the companies they did business with. Then something changed. Corporate processes and syste...
    Duração : 02:37 minutos

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  • Facebook Day at TeleTech!! #TeleTechSMWeek!!

    http://www.facebook.com/TeleTech http://www.facebook.com/TeleTechPilipinas http://www.facebook.com/TeleTechUK http://www.facebook.com/TeleTechMexico http://w...
    Duração : 00:11 segundos

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  • At Telstra powered by TeleTech, your success is our success!

    At Telstra powered by TeleTech, our leadership team is here to help you succeed.
    Duração : 00:31 segundos

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  • TeleTech Rubik's Cube

    This is how people at TeleTech Guadalajara also show their talent.
    Duração : 01:53 minutos

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  • Just a Few Reasons Why I Love TeleTech

    Ivan Villarus, Service Delivery Manager at the Lipa Service Delivery Center speaks about his career growth at TeleTech. TeleTech has been my home for the pas...
    Duração : 01:52 minutos

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  • TeleTech Values

    www.TeleTechJobs.com • www.TeleTech.com How does TeleTech live its values every day? Human Capital Leaders, Tim Hinds & Kelly Culler share their ideas on str...
    Duração : 02:01 minutos

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  • Happy Father's Day

    To all the fathers at TeleTech congratulations on your day: Happy Father's Day!!
    Duração : 03:23 minutos

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