• Especialista em atendimento ao cliente TeleTech Brasil

    Debora explica como é trabalhar na TeleTech Brasil.
    Duração : 01:08 minutos

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  • TeleTech Brasil

    Mariana explica como é trabalhar na TeleTech Brasil.
    Duração : 00:36 segundos

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  • TeleTech Testimonial - Why I love working for TeleTech

    www.TeleTechJobs.com • www.TeleTech.com Current employee at TeleTech discusses career advancement opportunities. Join TeleTech for our locations in the USA, ...
    Duração : 01:57 minutos

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  • TeleTech Customer Experience

    Back in the old days customers looked forward to interacting with the companies they did business with. Then something changed. Corporate processes and syste...
    Duração : 02:37 minutos

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  • TeleTech Joshua Trickett, CSR II at TeleTech

    Joshua Trickett, TeleTech CSR II in Morgantown, WV talks about what it's like working in TeleTech.
    Duração : 03:21 minutos

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  • RevanaOVER

    Duração : 01:33 minutos

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  • TeleTech - What a great thank you from Dominque Savio! Hope for Haiti

    A wonderful thank you from the beautiful people in Haiti showing their respect for the many contributions made during and after the Hope 4 Haiti telethon. Te...
    Duração : 00:57 segundos

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  • Realistic Job Preview #10 - TeleTech@Home

    This is an actual call handled by a TeleTech@Home associate. Listen to get a feel for what you'll be doing everyday if you choose to work for TeleTech@Home. ...
    Duração : 00:40 segundos

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  • TeleTech School Outreach: Be a Teacher for a Day

    TeleTech School Outreach: Be a Teacher for a Day. Some of the photos of our school outreach in the Philippines.
    Duração : 00:59 segundos

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  • Mobile Phone Service Provider - Loyalty - Realistic Job Preview

    This is a real call with a mobile phone service provider for our future employees to get a feel for what it's like to work as a customer service representative.
    Duração : 10:18 minutos

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